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Dianna Shomaker working with encaustic wax on a hot box.

Welcome to my art world.  I invite you to become acquainted with my work and what it means to me and further your appreciation for the abstract art that has evolved in tandem with my life. Not all my work is abstract, as is also true of other artists, but I’m basically an intuitive soul.  I love a good puzzle.  That’s what art is: the unraveling of a puzzle through curiosity, experimentation, and observation.  But most importantly to me, it is my intuition that drives what I do.  Now why, you may ask, is that of value for you when viewing my art?  Where does it fit in with your impressions?  


Paintings are powerful tools for my ability to convey, to give me a voice for my inner world. That is the key to unraveling my art.  It is as close as I can come to communicating meanings that are too nebulous to put into words.

I bring to the room a very diverse set of experiences throughout my life and my values are based on that.  Decisions weren’t always about art but art has always been a driving force.  That is also true for the viewer.  We are each wonderfully unique in our backgrounds.  Treasure that uniqueness. 


Finally, I paint because it beckons me down a pathway of exploration and understanding in this complex world.  It is my continuing education.  I consider a work successful when it provokes and teases me and hopefully the viewer, too; when it invites everyone into the unfolding drama on the canvas.  Ultimately, I want it to be an enjoyable journey for all.

Dianna Makes Some Art

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