Dianna's Los Alamos-Themed Paintings Featured in Fuller Lodge's Look Who's 40! Anniversary Exhibition

May 5 - June 10, 2017

Ghosts of the Hills, 24x24, encaustic, $1000

Los Alamos, 24x24, encaustic, $1000

Dianna has created two beautiful encaustic paintings that invoke the town of Los Alamos that have been accepted into the Fuller Lodge Arts Center's anniversary show, Look Who's 40! 

The experience of creating the themed paintings caused Dianna to pause and consider what the area has meant to here throughout the years.


What Los Alamos Means to Me

To me, Los Alamos is the center of creativity and forward thinking. I find it a very exciting place to visit. It gives me a sense of calm and peace, of excitement and joy.

It is snowy ski slopes and plateaus up high above the world. It is rugged canyons, winding roads and deep arroyos. So in the encaustic paintings that I created for the show, I have focused on the terrain, the snow, the landscape.


Los Alamos also conjures up darker, secondary thoughts: the deepness of the center of my painting is representative of origin, of the devastating fire, and of the power in the development of the atomic bomb. Throughout that dark central ravine in the piece Los Alamos I have burned shellac to demonstrate the fire and the bomb. These are things one cannot forget when reflecting back over the history of the area. I hope my viewers see these multiple symbols of the paintings and the representation of time.

~ Dianna Shomaker, artist

~ April 2017

More information on the Look Who's 40! Show can be found at

Detailed Close-up, Los Alamos

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